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Skerries Art School is a progressive Art School based in a wonderful setting of Skerries Mills.  Classes cater for children  from 4 up to 19 years and leaving Certificate and Portfolio course are also provided as well as a full range of adult classes.

Because of the progressive approach taken by the school, students are monitored individually and are moved to higher level classes according to their ability.  They are provided with all the materials used in the class and are provided with overalls when working with paints or “messy” materials.  All classes are structured but are carried out in a fun atmosphere with a positive social aspect to them.

Skerries Art School has an enviable reputation and students of the school as successful in their arr pursuits; Junior and leaving Cert students who complete the art syllabus solely in our school constantly score A grades in both state exams.  Many students of our school have successfully completed the demanding brief for the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) and are now attending this and other third level Art Colleges.  All out students exhibit an artwork annually in February.  As a result we are justifiably proud of our reputation and the high quality of the tuition we provide to our students.

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Terms per Year: 3

Class Duration: 1 hour and 15 mins

Term Duration: 9 or 11 weeks



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