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Perfomance Art:

The Ethos of Skerries Art School Performance Art group is that there isno Lead role and no back row and that everyone has an equal part to play in the success of the group.  As well as developing the students ability to perform on stage there classes build confidence.

  • Performance Arts
    Performance Arts

This class is for those students who want to experience every part of the dramatic production from back stage,  lighting and costumes to the performance.  In these classes students will bring stories by creating their own costumes and props and performing in front of live audiences.

Students learn acting skills as well as dance, movement , precussion and singing.  they learn about staging and back stage when a full professional show is staged at the end of the year.  there is no extra charge for costumes etc..

Our most recent shows “The Nightnare before Christmas”, Les Miserables”, and “The Muppets” were all hugely successfull.

Class Times:

Junior ( 6- 12 years) Monday 6:45

Senior (12-18 years) Monday 8:00

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