Leaving Cert Portfolio’s and Exam Course

PortfolioLeaving Cert Exam Course:

These Classes are for Leavign Cert students who, due ti timetabling issues in their school, cannot do art during the normal school hours.  The classes cover all aspects of the Leaving Cert Syllabus including Art History.

Students are selected on an interview basis and places are strictly limited.  There is one class a week of 2.5 hours and as well as the preactical work students are provided with detailed class notes which cover the Art history portion of the syllabus.  The quality of the tuition provided in these classes is evident in teh grades achieved by students : The majority of our students acheive A (honours) grades in the state exams.

Along with frequent homework assignements the students have to complete regular exams and a detailed report is sent home detailing the students progress.  There reports include likely grades that the student will receive in the state exam based on their work.

Class Times:

Friday 7:30

Portfolio Preparation:

Students wishing to persue Art in Third level have a number of choices both here in Dublin and in colleges around the country.  Regardless of the chosen collee students will need to have a Portfolio of their work which will need to have a Portfolio of there own work which will need to have a Portfolio of their work which demonstrated their abilities in the best light.


Happy Students, Celebrating getting a place in NCAD

The national College of Art and design (NCAD) is based in Dublin and has a Portfolio brief that outlines how a prospective student’s portfolio must be structured.  Faliure to follow this brief will effectively exclude students from gaining a place in the college.  Each july NCAD release the brief for students wishing to gain a place in the college in the next year.

The course is designed to help students create a portfolio that meets the NCAD brief in all aspects.  To date, Skerries Art School has an excellent record in this regard with a 100% record of students who apply to the college gaining places.

Places on this course are strictly based oin interview and places are limited.  Applications need to be submitted by April before the bried is issued.

Regular reviews of students work are carried out with parents and very high levels of commitment is demanded from  all students.

As well as the core year Porfolios students applying for Product Design are also catered for.



Here some students celebrate


Celebrating Success!


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