Skerries Art School and SoundWaves – Free Event

FREE EVENT !!  But you must register with Skerries Art School in advance. This weekend, as part of the SoundWaves festival Skerries Art School are offering 2 free events. On Saturday from 2pm to 4pm we have family pottery sessions ( families are given potters clay and a theme and off you go, prizes for […]

Classes resume

Classes resume in Skerries Art School today!   We can’t wait to see you all there Let us keep you updated via email.  Sign up today and we will add you to our newsletter, where you will get information about up coming events and term information.     Share This:

Our New Term !

We hope you all had a lovely summer and look forward to seeing you again in two weeks. Details of the classes and terms are as follows. Term 1: 9 weeks starting on the 14th of September to November 14th 2015 Term 2: 9 weeks November 26h to Mod Febuary Term 3: 11 Weeks Mid […]